Road Transportation

Promax Relocation is an all-in-one continuous sucker rode handling unit designed to provide a cost-effective solution for the on-site service of any brand of continuous sucker rod. Promax Relocation provides service reel and continuous sucker rode transportation/delivery/pickup, in-field string repair, worn-rod replacement, rode removal for inspection, refurbishment, disposal, and on- and off-site rode shearing.



Equipped with:

Coated-rod stripper

Hydraulically-driven reel with brake

Hydraulic pinch rollers and rode shear, positioned for use on the Promax Relocation or over the Hydraulic picker to load and unload service reels.



Requires one operator, reducing on-site personnel exposure

Engineered with redundant safety features:

Dual-automated transport-reel rod lock arms that prevent the rod from escaping the reel

Remote-operated winch for pulling and releasing the rode end into the reel, minimizing personnel risk exposure to stored energy hazards

Remote-operated reel-hub tilt mechanism that minimizes moving-load hazards

A remote-activated, fail-safe reel-hub brake that reduces personnel exposure to rode spills and reel handling

Reel-hub motor for spooling and unspooling rod from the reel, preventing personnel from handling the to position the rode.